Global Health Conference 2014 Sydney | FAQs



How does registration work?

Registration for all Full and Sydney package delegates opens at 11am on Friday, 5th September at Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC), our academic venue. SMC’s address is 66 Goulburn St, Sydney, but on Friday, you will need to walk around to the Castlereagh St entrance to SMC, where you will find the registration desk set up in the foyer.
When you reach the registration desk, you will need to show us your driver’s license or other photo ID. We will check you off our list, put your wristband on, and give you your delegate bag, and t-shirt and keep cup (if you purchased the latter two items).
Registration will be closed during the Opening Ceremony (3-4pm), but will reopen between 4:00pm and 4:45pm.
From Saturday to Tuesday, the registration desk will remain open, at the Goulburn St entrance to SMC. All queries about your registration and lost property can be dealt with at the registration desk throughout the event. Please do not attempt to enter via the Castlereagh St entrance, as it will be locked after Friday.

What if I can’t register at SMC on Friday?

If you can’t make it in time to register between 11am and 4:45pm on Friday 5th, then you will be able to register and get your wristband on Saturday at the registration desk at the Goulburn St entrance of SMC.
If you are arriving late on Friday but you can make it to Pink Party, then you will need to line up in the line for Unregistered/Partial delegates and we will give you a temporary wristband for the night. You will still need to register properly at SMC on Saturday to receive your official wristband.

If I’ve bought a social partial ticket, how do I register?

All you need to do is turn up to the social night/s that you have bought tickets to, between 7:30pm and 9pm (9pm is lockout). We will have your name on the door and you’ll receive a unique wristband that will grant you access for that night (and that night only).
If you’ve bought partial tickets to more than one social night, it’s the same process every night.
We will not be registering social partial delegates or supplying wristbands at the SMC registration desk, so please do not attempt to get your wristband prior to the social night.

Are you providing buses to social for everyone?

Yes, we have enough buses to move all of you to and from the social nights. Buses will be picking you up near YHA Sydney Central (i.e. right near Central Station), and will drop off when the night ends at YHA and the other accommodation venues. So even if you’re not in accommodation, there will be buses provided for you so that you can get a head start of getting amongst it and showing off your costume on the way to social!

Where am I staying if I bought accommodation?

If you’ve bought serviced apartment accommodation, you will be staying at Meriton Serviced Apartments, Kent St.
If you have bought hostel accommodation, you will be staying in one of three hostels – YHA Sydney Central, World Square Hostel, and Stratton’s Hostel. Stratton’s and World Square are very close to each other and share some common facilities. All those staying at Stratton’s will be able to access the common areas of World Square.
The delegations staying at YHA are: ANU, Otago, Deakin, Aukland, USyd, Flinders, JCU, Melbourne, Monash, and Bond.
The delegations staying at World Square are: UWA (part of), UoN, UNE, and UQ
The delegations staying at Stratton’s are: UWA (part of), UNDF, UNDS, UWS, UNSW, and Adelaide.
Please note that World Square and Stratton’s have a no-alcohol policy, but they do have a bar within the World Square hostel itself. Please ensure that you do not bring alcohol through any common areas of these hostels.
All our accommodation venues have no party policies. Please respect the venues, other guests, and the GHC volunteers who will be looking out to make sure that all our delegates and our accommodation providers get the best experience out of GHC as possible.

When is check in? Can I leave my bags there earlier?

Check In will begin at 2pm on Friday 5th. If you arrive early, all the accommodation venues will have space that you can leave your bags, so you’ll be free to head to SMC and explore the city until accommodation check in begins.

How do the workshops work this year?

This year, we have six academic workshop streams. On the ground floor, we have The Advocate, The Graduate, The Local, The Clinician and The Environmentalist and our biggest workshop The Leader sits on the first floor’s main plenary hall.
There are no pre-allocated workshops. GHC2014 works on a capacity system. Once a workshop is filled, the doors close and the workshop will begin. Your job as a delegate is to decide which workshop sessions you want to go to, and be first in line when the break ends.
To avoid the fear of missing out on all of GHC’s immersive workshop sessions, our speakers on the ground floor of the weekend workshops have agreed to give their workshops twice. During the Coffee Break in between sessions, get the inside scoop from friends about which workshops mustn’t be missed!
If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we recommend going to The Leader in the Grand Lodge Plenary Hall. The largest session in the workshop space, we promise you a special professor that we could only convince to speak once with a surprise or two thrown in.

What’s the deal with Saturday’s social venue change?

Some of you might have seen that the venue for Saturday night’s social has recently changed. Our new venue is Mr Tipply’s, which is an amazing new bar that is quite literally the newest venue in Sydney. We’re all excited about it at GHC headquarters, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Is there an app?

Yes! We will soon be sending around download and login instructions for you. The app will contain the complete academic schedule, info about social and everything logistics, and you will see the timeline feed from all the delegates at GHC. To get involved, you just need to create a profile by linking with your Facebook account, and become a part of the conversation!
We will be using the app to inform you of any important changes to any part of the program, or if there are significant issues that arise that we need you to be aware of. So please ensure you turn push notifications on so you don’t miss any vital messages from us.

Do I have to wear white on Tuesday/Gala night?

Not at all – while we encourage you to embrace all our social themes as much as you can, we don’t expect you all to be running out to buy white dresses and suits! If you’ve got something that fits the bill of Nuit Blanche’s white night already, then that’s fantastic, but rest assured that we won’t be turning you away if you’re wearing a splash of colour either.